BeReal is enormously popular among teenagers and young adults

BeReal, a social media application becoming increasingly popular, is particularly popular among young people. However, if you only use this app, don’t expect a platform full of perfectly staged photos and poses. Keep using TikTok and Instagram if you want to become an influencer,’ says the app creator.

It’s been around since 2020, but the BeReal app, which was initially developed in France, has seen an increase in popularity in recent months. BeReal, on the other hand, is the second most downloaded free app in the AppStore, behind only Instagram. As the name implies, the application developers want to see more authenticity on the internet. BeReal is a social media platform that encourages people to share their real lives rather than just their best moments.

BeReal is enormously popular among teenagers and young adults

Influencers use this app

If you want to become an influencer, you can continue to use TikTok and Instagram’s BeReal feature, which will notify you when you download the app. The basic concept behind BeReal is straightforward: you download the app and receive a notification at a random time every day for the rest of your life. You have two minutes from that point to take a photograph of whatever you are doing at the time. You don’t have time to use filters, and you’re also pressed for time to strike a pose or switch outfits. The time limit, combined with the random timing of the notification, forces users to be “true” to their identities. The end result is a timeline full of mundane – and therefore sometimes boring- moments.

Comment on photos or send a Realmoji, an image of your own face, to friends and family. You can only see the photos your friends have uploaded in the app and only after uploading something of your own. If you miss the two-minute deadline, you can still share a picture, but it will be labeled as having been taken after the two-minute mark. In addition, there are no likes or followers counts displayed in this app.

Concept of BeReal

The concept of BeReal appears to be similar to that of apps such as Room For Thought and PicYourMoment, but there is a significant distinction. When you take a picture with BeReal, the app takes a picture with both of your phone’s cameras simultaneously. The regular camera takes a picture of where you are, and the front camera shows you what you are doing in that picture. You, the user, will not be able to see your own face while taking the pictures. There’s nothing you can do to fix your hair or conceal your double chin. Once you have uploaded your photo, it will be waiting for you the following day with a new notification, but beware: no one will know when it will arrive.

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