Cryless, the specialist in high baby beds

You are expecting. How nice, all the beautiful moments to come! Don’t think your first few months will be disrupted by back problems. Ordinary furniture makes you use your body in the wrong way. Cryless offers a solution for this. The robust high furniture supports your body, is safe, and offers convenience.

Cryless produces cribs and playpens on legs. With our high furniture, you can prevent back problems after giving birth. Every Cryless playpen and crib meets the strictest requirements and is approved by SHR.

Take care of yourself and your child with this unique elevated crib. Choose a crib on legs that will last for years through its versatile design! You no longer need to strain your body in the wrong way, leaving you with energy to enjoy.

Do you need a high playpen or crib, for example, because you are in a wheelchair or have another medical reason? Then you can make a claim on the WMO subsidy (Social Support Act). You can then get the crib or playpen reimbursed by the municipality.

Cryless, the specialist in high baby beds

Cryless, the specialist in high baby beds

How can you prevent back pain after giving birth?

Your baby is born, and you probably thought that the back pain would disappear after delivery. Almost half of the women have back pain during pregnancy, which usually disappears after two weeks. However, this back pain often comes back after delivery. Becoming a mother is unfortunately often accompanied by back pain.

Advantages extra high crib baby

An extra high crib is excellent for your baby and you as a parent. An additional high crib baby ensures that you no longer have to bend over to put your little one in or out of bed. Also, when changing the baby bedding, you can do this at standing height. How nice is that for your back? Especially if you have just given birth. An extra high crib prevents back pain after delivery. Why buy an extra high crib?

What is the right crib size?

There is often talk about crib sizes and toddler bed sizes. It is actually effortless: the standard size for a crib baby is 60x120cm. If you are looking for bedding for a crib, it will always fit. All manufacturers adhere to the standard sizes crib 60 x 120 cm. Therefore you can never buy the wrong size crib sheet, flannel, fitted sheet, or blanket. When do you switch from a crib to a crib and toddler bed?

When to lower baby crib?

A baby crib is adjustable in height. The most pressing question is when to adjust a crib downwards. Almost all baby beds have a bottom that can be adjusted so you can put it down once your baby can sit up. This way, you can ensure that your toddler won’t fall out.

How to make a crib?

When you are pregnant, many things come up. Like how to make a crib for your newborn? Especially when you are pregnant for the first time, there is still a lot you don’t know. You may even feel a little insecure because how are you going to do all this?

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