New Type of Stellar Explosion Discovered by Scientists

However, even though it is referred to as a micronova, it can destroy everything we have ever known in a single day.

New Type of Stellar Explosion Discovered by Scientists
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Astronomers have discovered a new type of thermonuclear explosion on the surface of distant stars, which they believe is a result of a supernova. Micronovae is stars that are smaller in size than either the classical nova or the spectacular supernova. However, they are still powerful enough to burn through entire mountain ranges in hours.

Researchers at Durham University’s Center for Extragalactic Astronomy, led by Simone Scaringi, spent months figuring out what was going on with data from NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. TESS is used to search for planets orbiting other stars by closely inspecting the light emitted by those stars for dips in brightness that could be caused by other worlds passing in front of them.

However, at least three of the stars observed by TESS experienced unusual bursts of brightness that lasted only a few hours at a time.

Source 1: NASA

Source 2: Spaceburo


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