Packing and shipping

We are constantly researching the best solutions for the packing, shipping and return process. That is the best way to offer the e-fulfilment service that webshops ask for.

A good example of this is the packing service. When your order comes in, the system analyzes the products and sustainable packaging material. The most suitable box is selected and the order is then packed and sent by the packers. This saves you weight costs and materials.

Your products will fit just right, so they arrive at the customer in perfect condition.

Continuous innovation and also offering the best e-fulfilment service, that is what you want as an online store.

Pack with logo packaging

Presentation is an important part of any webshop. Your brand creates recognition and thus promotes loyalty. After all, the packaging is the first thing the customer sees in the webshop.

Therefore place your own logo on our packaging and make sure you connect with your buyers. Online shopping is the same as retail stores, keep in touch with your clients and show who you are.

Rebranding on packaging

Promotional packaging or re-branding is also part of e-fulfilment services. Advertising packaging offers customers the opportunity to give their brand a personal touch.

Re-branding can be especially interesting for those who need to adapt their product packaging to international markets. This process often involves a seller who imports products in bulk.

The product in bulk from the factory and repack it according to the customer’s instructions. Once it is on the packaging, the orders can be shipped.

This way you still retain the stylistic freedom to decide what the product packaging looks like. Without worrying about the repacking process. The results then have a positive influence on brand image and recognition.

The purpose of packaging and branding services by e fulfilmentis to help companies reach a wider audience while also building their brand.